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LGC launches Cannabinoid Product Certification - an expansion of the Informed Choice offering

Informed Choice - CBD Testing

LGC’s global quality assurance program Informed Choice has announced an extension of its product offering with CBD / Hemp product certification. The new certification joins other members of the INFORMED family of global programs which include Informed Sport, Informed Choice, Informed Ingredient, and Informed Manufacturer.

Hemp-derived products have become increasingly popular in the market since the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 removed hemp from Schedule I control. Due to the rapid growth, only a limited amount of work has been done to determine the presence and concentration of phytocannabinoids in commercial products. One of the more popular products is hemp-derived CBD topicals. The Informed Choice team conducted a study of 12 commercially available topical products for the presence of 7 phytocannabinoids that are either currently regulated or show potential for regulation. Download the study here:

Informed Choice’s cannabinoid product certification was developed to provide label accuracy to consumers. Hemp-derived and cannabinoid-based products have the potential to contain ∆9-THC, which is a cause for concern for consumer safety and for those who are subject to workplace drug testing. In addition to the core testing elements of the Informed Choice program, which includes a thorough manufacturing review and regular product testing for over 250 prohibited and potentially harmful substances, all production batches of certified CBD / hemp-derived products are tested to assess levels of CBD and ∆9-THC. To be awarded Informed Choice certification, the resulting analysis must be within +/- 20% of the declared CBD per serving on the label.

In addition to testing for CBD, Informed Choice will require CBD / hemp-derived products to undergo testing for ∆9-THC. Each brand will provide serving information (recommended maximum daily usage information) which is used to determine the daily consumption of ∆9-THC with proper usage of the product. For certification and compliance, each batch of a product must have a consumption limit of less than 0.083 mg per day, a limit that takes into consideration consumer safety and the management of risk with regard to workplace drug testing. 

CBD / hemp-derived products certified by Informed Choice will carry the Informed Choice logo on product packaging in order to provide consumers with assurance the products have undergone rigorous checks and testing to minimize the risk of contamination with prohibited substances and to verify the CBD and ∆9-THC content. The products will be listed on the Informed Choice website along with all tested batch numbers. All certified product pages contain links to purchase the product from the brand or popular retail websites for ease of use. Also, every product page will state the recommended daily usage information for consumers. 

“With ongoing supply chain issues facing the industry and increased consumer interest in CBD / hemp-derived products, reputable companies can utilize this certification to demonstrate their commitment to quality assurance,” said Paul Klinger, INFORMED Business Development Director. “Certification also sets brands apart from the growing competition within the cannabinoid product industry. When a customer sees the Informed Choice logo on a product, they can have confidence that the CBD and ∆9-THC content have been independently verified and the product has undergone rigorous testing for potentially harmful substances.” 

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About Informed Choice 

Informed Choice is a global quality assurance program developed to minimize the risk of dietary supplement products being contaminated with prohibited and potentially harmful substances. Products carrying the Informed Choice logo have been regularly tested by LGC’s world-renowned laboratories using ISO 17025 accredited methods as well as a detailed manufacturing audit. For more information on Informed Choice, please visit


The INFORMED brands are global quality assurance and certification programs designed for the sports and dietary supplement industry. The programs including Informed Sport, Informed Choice, Informed Protein, Informed Manufacturer, and Informed Ingredient are members of LGC ASSURE - which brings together four of LGC’s leading brands to provide a connected series of supply chain assurance solutions. 

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