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Cleaner products.
Clearer conscience.

Cleaner products.
Clearer conscience.

Clean Living starts with an Informed Choice.

Over 500 products. Tested. Certified.


Quality assurance for the long run.


How do products become certified?


Before you test your stamina,

we test your supplements.


When choosing dietary supplements and products, how can you know if they have been contaminated with unsafe substances or if they have been manufactured to internationally-recognized standards?

In order to determine if a dietary supplement has been through our dietary supplement testing program and is certified, look for the Informed Choice quality mark. 

Through our retail monitoring and supplement verification program, alongside our third-party oversight of manufacturing facilities and processes, we help reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering dietary supplements.

This not only ensures that the dietary supplements you consume have been manufactured to recognized international standards, but it also limits the likelihood of you taking unsafe and banned substances.

With Informed Choice, you can feel confident when choosing tested and safer products from our certified supplement brands.

Make your choice a safer, reliable and informed one.