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About Informed Choice

About Informed Choice

Make your supplement choice a safer, reliable and informed one. 

When choosing dietary supplements and products, how can you know if they have been contaminated with unsafe or banned substances? Based on our research and surveys, as many as 1 in 10 supplements may be contaminated with prohibited ingredients or compounds. 

Established in 2007, Informed Choice is a global quality assurance and third-party supplement testing program, designed to minimize the risks of dietary supplement products from being inadvertently contaminated with prohibited and potentially harmful substances. Through our retail monitoring and testing program, we help reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering these products. 

Certified dietary supplements and nutrition products are tested by LGC's world-class anti-doping laboratory for contamination against a broad range of banned substances, using ISO/IEC 17025 accredited methods. We implement a step-by-step dietary supplement testing process to ensure the highest level of batch testing has taken place, before being accepted for certification. 

Supplements are analyzed for over 250 banned substances. While no laboratory's analysis will encompass all the analytes listed in WADA’s prohibited list, LGC is constantly developing new technologies and using our relationships with international anti-doping organizations in order to provide appropriate coverage for new and emerging threats. Once a product is certified, we continue to purchase samples from retail outlets at least monthly and blind test samples to safeguard against banned substances. This process has been developed for over 60 years of expertise in anti-doping to provide suppliers and consumers absolute confidence in the program. 

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The Informed Choice certification is a voluntary third-party supplement testing program for reputable companies who wish to become a certified supplement brand and register some, or all, of their products and carry the Informed Choice mark on those products.  Supplement users who see the Informed Choice logo or on-pack descriptor on a product's packaging can be assured it has undergone rigorous checks and testing to minimize the risk of contamination with banned substances and is safer for use. Be sure to search for the batch number on our website to find specifically tested batches.