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Informed Choice Dietary Supplement Guide

Informed Choice Supplement Safety Guide

If choosing to supplement your diet, how can you have confidence that you aren’t risking more than you are benefitting from the products you buy? Through numerous supplement surveys, our research at Informed Choice has shown that as many as 10-15% of supplements sold on the market may be contaminated with some form of stimulant or steroid.

Although a supplement user may not be subject to the strict doping control of an elite athlete, contamination levels can be sufficient enough to lead to adverse side effects and could potentially pose significant health risks. It’s important to be well-informed about products before purchasing them.

Download the Informed Choice Supplement Safety Guide to learn more about
  • Common routes of contamination
  • Health risks associated with prohibited substances 
  • Legislation behind the dietary supplement industry
  • Product labeling requirements
  • Informed Choice certification process 

This guide will help you to better understand dietary supplements, the risks of product contamination, and how to make safer supplement choices.

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