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Going Global: Measuring the growth of Informed Choice

Measuring Informed Choice Growth
Through certification with Informed Choice, dietary and sports supplements brands can build consumer trust on a global level. 

With 71%¹ of consumers buying dietary supplements looking for a quality mark or seal when purchasing products, providing added quality assurance through third-party certification is more valuable than ever. 

Established in 2007, Informed Choice is a retail monitoring and testing program that helps to reduce the risk of banned substances and impurities from entering dietary supplements. Supplement manufacturers can give their customers added assurance knowing when they see the Informed Choice logo on a product it has been manufactured to high-quality standards and regularly tested for more than 250+ prohibited and often harmful substances. 

Since its beginnings, Informed Choice has experienced exponential global growth and adoption by top nutrition brands around the globe. We highlight below a few of the items that shaped the program’s global impact and have contributed to the continued growth and recognition.

How many products are certified with Informed Choice?

Informed Choice Number of Certified Products


Informed Choice currently has over 420 certified products, (more than 1550 when including all the different flavor variants of certified products) with this number continually growing as brands worldwide seek to differentiate themselves by providing transparency to consumers. A sample from each certified product is randomly purchased from retail outlets and tested monthly.

How many different brands have certified products?

Informed Choice Number of Certified Brands


Informed Choice proudly has 130 dietary supplement brands that have chosen to provide their customers assurance through testing and certification. All Informed Choice certified brands are listed on a dedicated page on the Informed Choice website. Clicking on a brand’s logo directs visitors to each company’s dedicated profile page, listing all of their certified products. 

What is the global reach of Informed Choice?

Informed Choice Global Reach


Informed Choice certified products can be purchased in over 90 countries worldwide. No matter where a supplement user is located or traveling, they should be able to find a certified product to meet their wants and needs. 

How many samples do LGC’s laboratories test each year?

Informed Choice Number of Tested Samples


LGC, the laboratory behind Informed Choice, tests over 22,000 sports nutrition samples per year. LGC has accredited laboratories in the UK (Fordham) and the US (Lexington). Within the UK, accreditation is granted by UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service - laboratory number 1187). US accreditation is granted by A2LA (the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation - certificate no. 3244.01).  

All testing methods used are accredited to ISO 17025, a globally recognized standard relating to laboratories and test procedures. 

Who recognizes or recommends Informed Choice?

Informed Choice Global Recognition


In 2020, Informed Choice was named an accepted quality certification by Amazon in the US. Product certification from Informed Choice fulfills one of the requirements listed by the retail platform to sell dietary supplements.

Informed Choice is also recognized by numerous anti-doping and sporting bodies worldwide including the UFC,  Sport Nutrition and Dietitian Japan (SNDJ), Canadian Sport Institute and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Informed Choice maintains involvement with a number of key nutrition industry organizations to stay on top of trends and issues including the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) and Natural Products Association (NPA).

A full listing of organizations can be found on the Informed Choice Global Recognition page

Quality Assurance for the Long Run

Dietary supplement brands from around the world choose to use Informed Choice certification to take their quality assurance to the next level. As savvy consumers continue to seek transparency through third-party product certification, it is crucial for supplement brands to meet their needs. Informed Choice is a trusted choice to give consumers confidence in the supplements they choose to support an active lifestyle. 

How can Informed Choice provide assurance to your product’s customers? Contact us to discuss certification.

¹ USP Annual DSVP Brand Tracker