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How to Read a Supplement Facts Label

How to Read a Supplement Facts Label - Informed Choice

The use of dietary supplements has become a part of mainstream life with 80% of Americans taking some form of supplement. This use extends worldwide with 71.2% of people in the UK and over 45% of people in Japan have reportedly taken supplements. The growth of the dietary supplement market can be attributed to the global pandemic, with many prioritizing their health and wellness, as well as supplements being more readily available by way of online shops.  

Every country has varying requirements in terms of the labeling of supplements. In the US, all products marketed as dietary supplements are required, by law, to have a ‘Supplement Facts Panel’. This label lists all dietary components, along with the amount per serving and the percentage of the recommended daily allowance. Also required is the proper serving size, other ingredients included, as well as the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor. 

Be sure to look for your country’s labeling requirements prior to purchasing dietary supplements. 

Understanding how to read a supplement facts label is important to ensure you are getting the health benefits you are looking for. Furthermore, it’s vital to know exactly what is in the dietary supplement product you’re taking. 

We have created a simple ‘how to’ graphic to help guide you through the various aspects of the supplement facts label: 

Informed Choice Supplement Facts Label


To coincide with the supplement facts label, you should also choose products that have been tested by a third-party quality assurance program. Third-party testing minimizes the risk of a product containing a prohibited substance. Even if it's not listed on the label, banned ingredients can be included in the product formulation or accidentally find their way into a product by way of inadvertent contamination.

This certification provides further assurance by minimizing the risk of ingesting some form of a banned substance that could pose a severe health risk. All Informed Choice certified products have the Informed Choice logo on the packaging, along with being listed on the website

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