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Label accuracy of unregulated cannabidiol (CBD) products White Paper

Label Accuracy CBD

The legalization of hemp in the USA has led to tremendous growth in the availability of hemp-derived products, particularly cannabidiol (CBD) products. The lack of regulatory oversight in this industry has resulted in the marketing and sale of CBD products with questionable ingredients and quality. The aim of the current study was to examine the CBD content in 80 commercially available hemp-derived CBD products purchased from online and local retailers.

Of the 80 products evaluated, 37 contained CBD concentrations that were at least ± 10% different than the concentration listed on the label (range of 0.9 to 30.6 mg/mL from label claim) — 12 products contained < 90%, while 25 products contained > 110%. 

Download the full PDF for more information on the study and the importance of CBD testing for label accuracy: