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Informed Choice and Informed Sport: What is the Difference?

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Informed Choice and Informed Sport are global quality assurance programs that test for banned substances and impurities within sports and dietary supplement products. While they are separate programs, they both utilize the same testing procedures and technologies. The programs’ product testing is done using ISO 17025 accredited methods. To coincide with this, both include a pre-certification product and manufacturing quality review. They also test for the same 250+ banned substances. With these numerous similarities, one may wonder “what is the difference between Informed Choice and Informed Sport?”

What is Informed Choice?

Developed in 2007, Informed Choice is a global quality assurance program that helps reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering products. All products bearing the Informed Choice logo or on-pack descriptor allow supplement users to know the product has undergone rigorous checks and tests. It’s important for any active individual to be mindful of what is in their supplements in order to protect their health. From a supplement brand’s perspective, contamination could lead to a tarnished reputation and lawsuits.

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What is Informed Sport?

Informed Sport was developed in 2008, in conjunction with UK Anti-Doping, for the elite sports nutrition industry. It is the only global third party testing and certification program that tests every single batch of a product prior to it being released to market. Informed Sport ensues supplements are analyzed for substances banned by sporting bodies such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), collegiate organizations and other professional organizations.

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What is the Difference?

The key difference between Informed Choice and Informed Sport is the frequency of testing done. Informed Sport certification means every batch/lot of a product is tested before it’s released to market. This means every flavor or variation is tested. Post-certification includes regular blind testing, where the products are purchased from retail and again tested, to provide further assurance. Supplement users are able to confirm the batch/lot number of the product have been tested on or using the Informed Sport mobile app

Informed Choice testing is done through monthly blind sampling. The LGC laboratory team randomly purchases a sample of the product from retail outlets, both brick-and-mortar and online, and it is then tested. At least one batch/lot of the product is tested every month. To view the list of certified batches/lots that have been tested, search on

Informed Choice and Informed Sport - What is the Difference


Informed Sport was specifically created to cater to all elite athletes and drug tested personnel, such as the military, who are subject to strict doping control and random drug testing to minimize the risks associated with supplement use. Their careers are dependent on following doping regulations and passing drug exams. Even the smallest amount of contamination in a supplement could spell the end of a career, tarnish reputations and cost millions in endorsements.

Informed Choice is a retail monitoring quality assurance program and has been designed for those living an active lifestyle who aren’t necessarily subject to the strict doping measures of elite athletes. However, they are still conscious about what goes in their bodies. Informed Choice is a voluntary quality assurance program for reputable supplement companies so they can ensure products are not contaminated with banned substances and are safer for use. With Informed Choice certified supplements, supplement users can minimize the risk of ingesting banned substances which can often have adverse and harmful health effects.

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As supplement user protecting your health and wellness, you can trust your supplements that have been certified by Informed Choice are robustly tested to the highest of standards.

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