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Informed Choice - Japan Certification

Informed Choice in Japan

LGC’s supplements certification programs have become a mainstay of the Japanese sports nutrition industry over the last four years, with a significant number of brands adopting Informed Choice.

Informed Choice is recognized as an anti-doping certification program by the Sports Nutrition and Dietitians Japan (SNDJ). This recognition allows Japanese athletes to be confident when selecting sports nutrition supplements. The program has been especially vital in the lead up to the next Olympic Games when athletes from around the world will descend upon Tokyo, Japan. As of March 23, 2020, the Games have been postponed until 2021.

Should an athlete test positive for a prohibited substance, even though it may be inadvertent, their Olympic dreams and reputation will be tarnished forever. To safeguard their careers, most athletes only use supplements tested and certified by a third-party testing program, like Informed Choice.

Informed Choice was launched in Japan in 2016 with the support of Japanese sports nutrition brand DNS and auditing specialists Biohealth Research. At the time, the quality assurance program was the first truly independent banned substance testing program to be recognized in the country. Since then, Informed Choice has tested and certified more than 120 supplement products in Japan, with numbers continuing to grow steadily. Informed Choice Japanese certified products can be searched directly on the SNDJ website. Be sure to confirm specifically tested batches on

Informed Choice was also featured in ‘Prevent! Doping With Supplements!’ a go-to guide for Japanese athletes to help facilitate education on the importance of banned substance testing and the prevalence of inadvertent doping.

This guide was used by athletes preparing for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and will help further educate athletes on supplement safety leading into the Tokyo Olympic Games.

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Informed Choice - Japan


Informed Choice is a global retail monitoring and testing program that helps reduce the risk of banned substances and impurities from entering supplement products. Testing is accredited to ISO 17025, the recommended accreditation for anti-doping and sports supplements testing. Every product is analyzed for 200+ banned substances to provide assurance to both supplement brands and consumers. When you see the Informed Choice logo on a product, you can be confident it has also undergone rigorous product and manufacturing checks that make it is safer to use. Utilize the search function on to find the specific batch/lot numbers tested.

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