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Informed Choice - In the News January 2023

Informed Choice News -January 2023

As an Informed Choice certified brand, many supplement brands are using certification to set themselves apart from the competition, along with giving confidence to their consumers. Check out the recent news featuring Informed Choice certified products.


Naked Mass Protein Named Best Overall Protein for Weight Gain

Health - Informed Choice News - 23.


In a list curated by a dietitian on, Naked Mass was named the best protein for weight gain in 2023. As many supplement users use the new year to set goals, many goals include bulking and putting on mass in preparation for the summer cutting season. 

In selecting Naked Mass, Maria Sylvester Terry, MS, RDN, LDN said, "Naked Mass is our choice for overall weight-gain supplement because it’s made from high-quality ingredients and is third-party tested."

Informed Choice certification sets supplement brands apart due to our robust testing requirements. Many supplement brands are using this recognition to facilitate stronger consumer trust and industry relationships.

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Informed Certified Products Included in List of Best Protein Powders For Weight Gain

Runners World - Informed Choice - News July 2022


Informed Choice certified products were featured in a list of the Best Protein Powders For Nutritional and Performance Needs curated by Runner's World magazine.

In the article, sports dietitian Jenna Braddock reccommends all suppleemnt users use products tested by a third party like Informed Choice. 

Products included in the list are Optimum Nutrition, as well as Informed Protein certified Ritiual and AGN Roots.

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