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A New Look for Informed Choice

The New Informed Choice

LGC and the entire Informed Choice team is proud to officially unveil the new look for our Informed Choice program. Over the past year, our team has performed heavy market research to see exactly what our customers want and need from the Informed Choice certification program. To coincide with this, we invested resources to advance testing technology and to increase our marketing presence.

New Logo

The Informed Choice logo received a visual refresh in order to reflect the new slogan of the program, “We Test. You Trust.” As you can see below, we kept the same check mark emblem while including the slogan to modernize the logo. Keep in mind, we will be recognizing both the old and new logo for the next 18 months to give brands enough time to update packaging and for supplement users to familiarize themselves with the new look.


Informed Choice Logo


Packaging Brand Descriptor

A main focus of the new branding is to better educate supplement users on Informed Choice and the details of the program. Informed Choice is a banned substance monitoring and testing program, along with auditing manufacturing facilities and processes, that helps reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering products. This not only ensures that the products you consume have been manufactured to recognized international quality standards, it also limits the likelihood of you taking unsafe and banned substances. To make this clear to supplement users, we’ve strengthened our on-pack messaging to aid in consumer understanding by creating an on-pack descriptor that will now be featured on Informed Choice certified products. The descriptor lets supplement users know what Informed Choice certified means and they can now, without question, know the product is regularly tested for banned substances.

Informed Choice On-Pack Descriptor


Technology Advancement

We’re investing over $2 million behind the introduction of new High Resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) platforms. This new equipment and technology in our laboratories will allow further expansion of LGC’s extensive screening programs and will help address more new and emerging threats. Screen expansion will move to a more regular release basis, while maintaining our current high levels of service delivery to our customers. This investment will also improve diagnostic capabilities for complex sample matrices and will allow retrospective data review – giving potential to immediately assess risk if new threats are identified.

Marketing Investment

We not only updated logos and advanced technology, but we’ve also refreshed our marketing materials. Informed Choice aims to help everyday supplement users ensure the products they are taking are safe and are manufactured at the highest of standards. The new Informed Choice imagery focuses on the consumers of our brands: active people of different ages and lifestyles. The Informed Choice marketing team will also be working hard over the coming year to provide our brands and their customers with educational materials related to supplement safety and the robust testing process. A re-designed and more user-friendly website for our Informed Family brands and services is also currently in development.

This new visual identity represents the bright future of the Informed Choice program. With the new logo and product on-pack descriptor, both clients and the end consumer will fully understand what the Informed Choice program is. It will also serve to differentiate itself from our professional athlete focused Informed Sport brand, which has also undergone a refresh. The Informed Choice program is now even more robust than before with the new HRAM platforms and its expanded screening processes. All of this is combined with new marketing materials meant to showcase the Informed Choice program as the top third party banned substance testing and certification program available.

Join us in celebration of the new look of Informed Choice by sharing on social media with #WeTestYouTrust.

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