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New Year, New Informed Choice Website!

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Informed Choice is excited to announce the launch of its all-new website. Designed for all those living an active lifestyle, the new website includes features that help make finding Informed Choice certified supplements that much easier. The new features include more expanded search and filtering options for products, links to purchase products on third-party retail sites, educational content, latest program news and so much more. 

Streamlined Search 

Supplement users can search for products with ease and precision with the new product search capabilities. The new search filters include:

  1. Regional availability
  2. Products category
  3. Product formulation
  4. Goals
  5. Brand name 
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Whether you’re in Australia, Japan or the United States, supplement users can quickly find a certified supplement that meets their needs and can be found in their region. Once on the product page, users will see batch numbers, other suggested certified products and links to purchase the product. The link to purchase will direct users to third-party retail sites where they can then purchase the product. 

Expanded Education 

Informed Choice has expanded the education section to align with our mission of providing educational resources and raising awareness about banned substance testing. Users can download informational flyers and brochures that detail the need for a third-party quality assurance program and provide information on Informed Choice. Also linked are recent scientific white papers showcasing our laboratory research. 

Active Living Page


The Active Living page seeks to bring more awareness to supplement users on the commonality of inadvertent contamination of supplements and the need for a third-party testing program like Informed Choice. Also in the education section is our global recognition page featuring numerous anti-doping organizations, nutrition groups, sports organizations and health organizations that recognize the Informed Choice program around the world.

Science and Certification

Want to learn more about the science behind Informed Choice? Our Science and Testing page provides details on LGC’s world-class laboratories that test all Informed Choice certified supplements. To coincide with this, we have provided an expanded description of the Informed Choice certification process to better show the extensive and robust route a product must take before becoming certified. Interested in having your product certified with Informed Choice? Contact Us for more information.

Other Features

Other features on the new site include a downloadable pdf of all Informed Choice certified products and a certified brands page where users can easily sort through supplement brands who have products certified Informed Choice. 

Make your choice a safer, reliable and informed one.