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Curad Performance - IRONMAN Kinesiology Tape
Curad Performance - IRONMAN Kinesiology Tape

Iron Man Far Infrared Kinesiology Tape

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This product was voluntarily withdrawn from the Informed Choice program on the date listed below. Any batches produced since this date will not be tested. Previously tested batches will remain on the website until they expire.

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Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date Sort ascending
DC2013016 Unflavored 13 March 2025 23 March 2023
DC2013016 Unflavored 27 February 2025 10 March 2023
DC2013016 Unflavored 19 January 2025 11 February 2023
DC2113293 Unflavored 06 December 2024 23 December 2022
DC2013016 Unflavored 17 November 2024 12 December 2022
DC2013016 Unflavored 17 August 2024 06 September 2022
DC2013016 Unflavored 19 July 2024 29 July 2022