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LGC Supplements Forum

LGC Supplements Forum

LGC recently organized a Supplements Forum for key stakeholders and customers at the London Rowing Club. During the forum, we were able to provide details regarding the Informed Choice and Informed Sport brand updates, future white papers and more! Events such as this perfectly align with our mission of educating industry professionals on the importance of supplement testing and having a reputable third-party testing and certification program.

Business Development Managers Carla Devlin and Ross Austen showcased the recent branding updates for Informed Choice and Informed Sport. They were able to thoroughly explain the details behind the updates and how it will help both programs grow.

Paul Brown, Head of Supplements and Feed Testing at our Fordham laboratory, presented an upcoming white paper on the prevalence of methlyhexanamine within UK supplement products. Our team in Fordham purchased supplements online and in-store. From there, each supplement was tested to determine if they contained the exact ingredients that are listed on the product label.In the presentation, highlighted were the new Informed Choice and Informed Sport logos, the new on-pack descriptors that will help educate supplement users, and the technological advancements that will allow us to find more emerging threats. Read more on the new branding for Informed Choice.

LGC Supplements Forum

6 were found to contain 1,3-DMAAWhat was discovered was quite alarming. The majority of the ingredients listed on the product labels did not accurately reflect what was actually in the products. Of the 28 samples analyzed:

  • 4 contained 1,3-DMBA
  • 5 contained 1,4-DMAA
  • 6 were found to contain 1,5-DHMA. 

We will be releasing the full Methlyhexanamine white paper shortly. To stay updated, be sure to join our mailing list.

Following the information sessions, attendees were treated to a delicious lunch and were invited to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a rowing event on the Thames River! This was an incredible way to give everyone a firsthand experience of what it’s like to partake in the Oxford - Cambridge Boat Race. Our very own Carla Devlin is a former Olympic rower so she was able to showcase her fantastic abilities and have some fun as well. 

Looking for information on the Informed Choice certification process? Check out our certification page.  Thank you to everyone who was able to take part in our Supplements Forum. The success of this event will lead to more forums and opportunities in the future. Join our email list to stay updated.