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Watch Now: CBD/Hemp Certification Webinar

CBD Webinar - Informed Choice

With the growing CBD industry, consumers are looking for more transparency and assurance they are using a quality product. For consumers, label accuracy is vital, especially for those taking CBD or hemp-derived products along with medications and other dietary supplements. Hemp-derived and cannabinoid-based products may also contain ∆9-THC, which is a cause for concern for consumer safety and for anyone who is subject to workplace drug testing.

To bring more clarity to the CBD industry, Informed Choice has expanded its service offering to include CBD/Hemp testing. In addition to the core testing elements of the Informed Choice program (which includes regular CBD lab testing for over 250 prohibited substances), all production batches of certified CBD / hemp-derived products are tested to assess levels of CBD and ∆9-THC. Test results are compared with label claims to ensure the findings are within +/- 20% of the declared CBD per serving.

Dr. Erin Johnson, Chief Scientist and head of our CBD testing, provides an overview of the Informed Choice CBD/Hemp program. Topics included are:

  • The need for testing of CBD and hemp-derived products 
  • Informed Choice CBD certification process 
  • The benefits of certification 
  • How to market your certification
Watch the full recorded webinar by completing the form below: